Customer Success Associate

Bengaluru, Karnataka   |   Full time

Job Description

We are on the look-out for high energy individuals to take on the role of Customer Success Executive in our fast-growing company.

This role will involve in depth knowledge of the products we have (including but not limited to, the functionality of the front-end application and integrations via API, while gaining knowledge of the customers application to achieve the same), keen eye for detail, maintaining communication with customers to make sure that they are getting the best possible functionality of the applications and exploring areas of growth and progress for the customers with our application via upgrades and modifications. Deep set concern for clients and their queries should be the main driving factor for these individuals, with a flair to learn new technology and have a knack for analytics and trends.

Who can Apply :

  • Strong communication skills in English (sense of humor and wit is mandatory, not optional)
  • Ability to sympathize with, and advocate for the customer (The customer is always right, even if it seems like he is asking for the Sun and stars)
  • Data driven analytical mindset (No excel, no interview.), to analyze customers growth and helping with the same strategically implementing our application.
  • Love learning about new technology and find ways to tweak what we have, to get the maximum juice out of it.
  • Desire to learn new developments in technology and help customers strategically implement the same
  • Organized, multi-tasker, who loves working with short deadlines and loves pressure. Basically, trying to keep up with all the tasks assigned and taking on more. No Pressure.
  • Available to work on weekends and okay working beyond the stereotypical office hours, to make sure work gets done.
  • 1-2 years experience in customer service with product related queries being handled in the process.

What you would be doing:

  • Work directly with the Sales Team and Customer to get an understanding of the customers requirements, help resolve issues and ad-hoc queries that they may come up with regarding the application within the stipulated SLA for that issue or query.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction is maintained with the application and provide feedback to the Product Manager whenever there is a scope of improvement, to improve the customer experience.
  • Analysis of customer feedbacks regarding the application on a monthly basis, to help in decision making process for application level changes.
  • Keep track of customers requests and queries, the progress of the same and provide realistic timelines for the same while coordinating with internal teams
  • Analyze Key Account trends and provide the suggestions to various teams to help overall growth of customers as well as Kaleyra business.

Bonus Points if:

  • You can speak other regional or foreign languages
  • You have good negotiation skills and own conversations like a boss.
  • You are problem solver, ready to dive into details and figure out how to get things done.
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Values that reflect Family

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