Assistant Manager - Marketing

Bengaluru   |   Full time

Job Description

We are Kaleyra.

If you’ve used Uber, Ola, Swiggy, Practo, or Flipkart, you’ve already experienced Kaleyra! Are you wondering how? When you want to connect over call with your driver or delivery executive without sharing your contact number. When you get SMS notifications about your order getting shipped, that appointment being booked, or OTPs. When you want to reach customer care with just a tap in the app.

Worldwide, over 3,000 companies, including Fortune 500 brands such as MasterCard, Hyundai, and Amazon, use Kaleyra’s communication solutions to talk to their customers. 

Our vision: the world’s most powerful cloud communication platform to enable real-time conversations between brands and their users. It already handles 24 billion messages and 1 billion voice calls!


We are a diverse team of 250+ individuals from different parts of the world working hard (and playing hard) to empower businesses to be there for their customers across various communication channels, devices, and geographies. Our quickly growing team is spread across 12 locations around the globe, including Italy, India, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Singapore.

Join us as we create history and transform the way brands connect with their users!

What our Marketing team does

We let people and brands know of all the cool ways Kaleyra’s technology is helping (and/or can help) them out with customer communication. We endeavor to put Kaleyra in front of the people that can benefit from it the most. Honestly, we’d shout from rooftops, but there are more efficient methods nowadays.

What we promise you

We are a diverse bunch with eclectic tastes and opinions, but we all work towards one common goal: the best face Kaleyra can put forward. We welcome all ideas and open, frank conversation. We like to strike a balance between creative and analytical to bring out the best work for Kaleyra. We like to plan about 70% of our work, and leave 30% wiggle room for spontaneity. We fully recognize that more often, awesome things take time and not everything can happen in 4 hours, but we do present as kickass an output as possible when we’re in a time crunch!


What role you will play

Our Head of Marketing needs your help! As an Assistant Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for working closely with the Head to strategize, plan and execute all marketing activities for Kaleyra. You will be part an integral part of the Marketing team's effort to uplift Kaleyra’s lead generation activities and awareness of Kaleyra’s brand through comprehensive marketing and communications strategies.

In a day, you might:

  • Assist in developing and enhancing Kaleyra’s marketing strategies, with input from external, and possibly internal, resources to identify opportunities for the business and propose necessary action for achieving value proposition
  • Research the CPaaS market and competitors to understand the industry landscape and direction
  • Plan and drive digital/online and print/offline marketing campaigns that effectively position products to generate well-qualified sales leads
  • Ideate, collaborate on, proofread and sign off on various content, social media posts, collaterals, presentation materials, and other creatives
  • Propose, plan & sometimes also execute sponsorship and events in collaboration with our Partnership Manager
  • Identify publications and media platforms for paid advertisement/advertorial/editorial and other publicity
  • Monitor marketing messages and maintain consistency across all channels and mediums, and with the overall brand strategy and voice
  • Implement and keep track of key marketing metrics
  • Update stakeholders regularly with results of different marketing activities
  • Manage relationships with vendors for campaigns, events, video content generation, and any other marketing activities for the Marketing team by finalizing legal agreements, dates, logistics, and ensuring on-time payments

This role will be perfect for you, if you:


Interacting with people and your laptop for nearly equal amounts of time

Browsing social media for trends

Multi-tasking or having at least two projects going at any time

Giving credit where it’s due (and of course, taking where deserved)

Learning and picking up (or unlearning and dropping) skills, on and off the job


  • At least 2 years of experience across the many areas of marketing: digital marketing, campaigns, measurement and analytics, design, content, events, partnerships, and vendor management

  • A proactive and self-starter approach to anticipating and solving for marketing opportunities

  • Near-impeccable written and verbal communication skills

  • Near-impeccable project management and prioritization skills

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Strong negotiation skills

  • A keen eye for marketing trends on online and offline mediums

  • An ability and curiosity to learn quickly through various research mediums about relevant marketing topics, tools, best practices, trends and others

  • An inquisitive mind to know the “why?” behind the “what?”, “when?”, “where?” and “how?”

  • A collaborative spirit to work with the rest of the team, with other teams, and external customers

  • Grit

  • Ability to balance the creative with the analytical, and the soft with the strategic - this will be crucial to your success here.

If you think you’re just the person for this role, go ahead and apply with your updated LinkedIn profile and resume - we’d love to hear from you!

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We’re not just a great workplace, we’re culture redefined!

Join our bandwagon of thinkers, problem solvers, dreamers, thought leaders and go-getters who are shaping the world of business communication.

Freedom to Decide

Freedom to Decide

We believe that our processes and products are
the innovation of our people and hence encourage
our teams to think above and beyond, identify the
root cause of problems, think strategically and use
data to understand and thus infer conclusions.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

We don’t just believe in flexible hours, we also
believe that quality time outside the office is vital
to the personal and professional growth of our people. Our
workspace is equipped with activities
that can help you take a break from your work and
refresh your minds.

Transparency in the System

Transparency in the System

Our open door culture ensures transparency in
communication and decision making right from the
senior management to the independent thinkers.
Our people are always empowered to voice their
opinions and communicate openly.

Values that reflect Family

Values that reflect Family

Our workforce embodies trust and safety and
everyone treated equally which makes our team
feel they are part of the ever growing Kaleyra
family and not just an organization. We believe in
developing healthy expectations and work towards
a united goal of achieving organizational success.