Senior Legal Counsel (Remote) #210

Bengaluru   |   Full Time

Job Description

We are Kaleyra! A global CPaaS listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 


We power communications via cloud and APIs (through messaging, voice, and chatbots) for the largest companies in the world, including the social networks you use every day, the largest automotive producers, top banks and credit card issuers, various airlines and travel companies, and the most widely-used e-commerce and retailers out there. 


We have customers in all continents (except Antarctica!) and our vision is to be the world’s most Trusted, Secure and Innovative communication platform to enable real-time conversations between brands and their users.


We are a diverse team of 330+ individuals from different parts of the world, working hard (playing hard) and caring for each other. Our fast growing team is spread across 12 locations around the globe, including Italy, India, Germany, United Arab Emirates, the United States and Singapore.


We’re now looking for someone that is ready for new exciting challenges and willing to enter our family as “Senior Legal Counsel".This position is full time and will be based in our Bangalore office (during COVID-19 crisis, the position will be remote-based).


Here’s what you will do:


What is the Role Mission? What kind of value does it add to the Organization?


To manage operational and medium complexity legal and compliance activities at a local level.




Accountability Areas


Performance Indicators


What it does?

How to understand if the Accountability is properly managed?

Local Legal Counselling

  • Works with Company’s templates modifying and adapting standard contractual clauses where needed with customers or suppliers, interacting with the VP Legal & Compliance where necessary;
  • Supports Sales, Procurement and HR with legal matters;
  • Helps with legal operations (e.g. contract management tools, handbooks, policies)
  • Stays up to date on legal standards and jurisprudence at a local level.

Timely management of the assigned tasks;

Consistency with VP Legal & Compliance directions and/or local legal and regulatory framework;

Lack of unnecessary escalations.

Local Compliance

  • Works with the VP Legal & Compliance at the “localization” of Company policies and compliance according to local legal and regulatory framework;
  • Manages medium-complexity activities related to the assurance of compliance at a local level:
  • Privacy and Data processing;
  • Whistleblowing;
  • SOx Compliance;
  • Communication;
  • Applicable local regulation.
  • Supports local HR office in assessing/providing training on Group policies and/or legal regulations;
  • Helps with compliance operations (e.g. privacy management tool, handbooks, policies).
  • Helps, in accordance with the VP Legal & Compliance, with telecom regulatory, competition and data protection Authorities compliance for APAC and ME.

Timely management of the assigned tasks;

Consistency with VP Legal & Compliance directions and/or local legal and regulatory framework;

Lack of unnecessary escalations.

Address and supervise external legal advice and legal litigation at a local level.

In accordance with the VP Legal & Compliance:

  • Where prevention was not enough, possibly address, at a local level, pre-litigation to mitigate economic consequences and/or avoid litigation risk.
  • Identify, in case of litigation, the most suitable external professionals to be in charge for different types of litigation at a local level.
  • Ensure a constant integration between business strategies / objectives with the strategies of legal professionals in litigation management at a local level.
  • Identify, where specialized advisory is required, the most suitable external professionals ratione materiae at a local level.

The extent of the successes in pre-litigation or litigation management.

Effectiveness of the outcome of specialized advisory.


Operating Network:

Internal Stakeholders

Purpose of Interaction

Sales and Procurement team

Support with contracts at a local level

Marketing & Communication

Support with activities and their compliance with legal regulations and Company policies at a local level


Support with Company policies, training and processes at a local level

Administration, Finance, Control

Ensure that administrative processes are in line with legal regulations at a local level.

External Stakeholders

Purpose of Interaction

Legal Offices of local Customer Companies

Collaborate in identifying the best contractual solutions.

Local professional external lawyers    

Collaborate in the coordination of legal actions or advice at a local level.

Local Authorities 

Collaborate in the interaction with the local control and regulatory bodies (depending on the seniority and in any case in accordance with VP Legal & Compliance).


Knowledge and Skills Required:

Managerial / Organization Skills:

Risk management

Project Management


Technical / Operational Skills:

Legal knowledge:

  • Civil (substantial and procedural) and business law;
  • Contract law;
  • Criminal law;
  • Privacy law;
  • Technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) Law and ICT law;
  • IP Law;
  • Competition law;
  • Consumer law.

Knowledge of business products and services

Economic and business skills

Behavioral Skills:

Detail oriented



Problem Solving


Critical thinking

High degree of professional ethics and integrity

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement: 

Kaleyra is committed to create a diverse and inclusive workplace and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates will be considered without any regard to their race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, nationality disability, or age.

Recruitment Privacy Notification: 

If you have submitted your profile to Kaleyra, be informed that we have processed your personal data in accordance with our internal hiring policies. Kaleyra understands the importance of protecting your personal data. Since, we are a GDPR complied company, we would want to invite your attention to our Privacy Policy and Recruitment Statement which is effective.

Kaleyra is committed in protecting your personal information and it will be used appropriately for evaluation of the candidature. The information collected will be used to serve hiring purpose as a part of Kaleyra’s recruitment process, including processing of the data by authorised third parties, as and when required. Your information will be held with Kaleyra only as long as necessary and for the purpose of hiring and will be available in the database for a period of one (1) year irrespective of the selection or rejection.

By proceeding and providing information asked herein, you agree that you have read Kaleyra’s privacy policy and fully understand your rights to access, correct, erase, object to processing, restrict to processing or withdraw your personal information anytime and seek a copy of the personal information.

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Values that reflect Family

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