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Job Description

We are Kaleyra!

If you’ve used Uber, Ola, Swiggy, Practo, or Flipkart, you’ve already experienced Kaleyra! Are you wondering how? When you want to connect over call with your driver or delivery executive without sharing your contact number. When you get SMS notifications about your order getting shipped, that appointment being booked, or OTPs. When you want to reach customer care with just a tap in the app.

Worldwide, over 3,000 companies, including Fortune 500 brands such as MasterCard, Hyundai, and Amazon, use Kaleyra’s communication solutions to talk to their customers.

Our vision: To be the world’s most Trusted, Secure and Innovative communication platform to enable real-time conversations between brands and their users.

We are a diverse team of 250+ individuals from different parts of the world working hard (and playing hard) to empower businesses to be there for their customers across various communication channels, devices, and geographies. Our fast growing team is spread across 12 locations around the globe, including Italy, India, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Singapore.

Join us as we create history and transform the way brands connect with their users!

We are in the look out to hire an Engineering Manager

Key Responsibilities :

● Responsible for the product engineering roadmap, quality assurance and stability of the platform.

● Responsible for delivering high-quality software products, on time and within budget.

● Work with the CTO, VPs, PMs and Business to develop a long-term product plan, products and manage the release planning cycles for all products.

● Ensuring that key milestones are met and that solutions delivered are of the highest quality possible

● Delivery on project timelines emphasis on key deliverables

● Ensure controlled releases to production, with amongst other measures, stringent code reviews from standards and performance perspectives. Use metrics demonstrate success.

● Decisive with team decisions and lead and support the team

● Understand all products with their interrelationships and collective relevance to business and ensure appropriate availability and stability to the Business.

● Manage (recruit, motivate, develop, strengthen) the product engineering team

● Mentor and lead the engineering team as a subject matter expert for all technology and architecture-related issues.



● BS/MS degree in Computer Science/Information Science, Engineering or a related field from reputed institutes.

● Experience of 12-15 Yrs.

● Has a minimum of 7+ years of hands-on experience with one or many of the following programming languages - Python, Java, PHP or Node.

● Has a good working knowledge of RDBMS (MySQL or Oracle or Postgres) and NoSQL (MongoDB or Cassandra or Neo4J)

● Excellent knowledge in OOAD and Design Patterns.

● Thorough understanding of and experience in at least two structured software development methodologies (i.e. Agile, Spiral, Waterfall, etc.) including design, coding, unit test, etc. required.

● Good working knowledge in conceptualizing a product and to design and develop it.

● Has built distributed applications using caching (EhCache, Redis, MemCache), pub/sub models (RabbitMQ, AMQP, ActiveMQ, Kafka, Redis, JMS, SQS, ZeroMQ), auto-scaling (Elastic load balance, distributed applications).

● Excellent Team handling skills.

● Excellent Verbal and Communication Skills.

● Has a good understanding of PaaS, SaaS, IaaS offerings and their use cases.

● Has an eye for application/platform security considerations.

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We’re not just a great workplace, we’re culture redefined!

Join our bandwagon of thinkers, problem solvers, dreamers, thought leaders and go-getters who are shaping the world of business communication.

Freedom to Decide

Freedom to Decide

We believe that our processes and products are
the innovation of our people and hence encourage
our teams to think above and beyond, identify the
root cause of problems, think strategically and use
data to understand and thus infer conclusions.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

We don’t just believe in flexible hours, we also
believe that quality time outside the office is vital
to the personal and professional growth of our people. Our
workspace is equipped with activities
that can help you take a break from your work and
refresh your minds.

Transparency in the System

Transparency in the System

Our open door culture ensures transparency in
communication and decision making right from the
senior management to the independent thinkers.
Our people are always empowered to voice their
opinions and communicate openly.

Values that reflect Family

Values that reflect Family

Our workforce embodies trust and safety and
everyone treated equally which makes our team
feel they are part of the ever growing Kaleyra
family and not just an organization. We believe in
developing healthy expectations and work towards
a united goal of achieving organizational success.